Natural, Environmentally Friendly Luxury

With summer blazing over a thawed out England it’s time to take to the pool. Where better to swim than an innovative, maintained and luxurious reserve of water, which compliments the home and creates a grand swimming experience?


Of course there are many designs found in the best hotels and most magnificent of houses. Finely tiled, salt watered pools with all the trimmings – including the chemicals.

This article wishes to explain the beauty and benefits of a ‘natural swimming pool’. These German designs seek to create a clean and eco friendly pool that can be made to match the décor of nature itself.


So what is a Natural Swimming Pool?


Although a natural body of water may be one of the earth’s oldest of occurrences its place within home and garden design is relatively new. Natural swimming pools were developed in Germany and Austria 25 years ago and have now embedded themselves in gardens all over Canada and the US as well as UK, the Czech Republic and other European countries.


There are two sections to the natural swimming pool: the swimming area and the regeneration zone. What the regeneration provides is an ecosystem for aquatic plants that will filter nutrients out of the water in the swimming area by using a simple mechanical pump. This natural recycling method will cause the water to have a natural green tinge due to the small presence of algae and sediment in the pool.


What is created is a personal, self-maintained living body of water that is both clean and clear of any harmful chemicals. The water is pumped between the two sections filtering and purifying it.





Beautiful Design

A natural pool has the added advantage of being part of your garden’s surroundings. This makes the pool exudes the beauty of nature itself as the regeneration zone will flow into the outdoor aesthetic whilst cleansing the water in the swimming area.


There is a wide scope of design, as the pool becomes simply a natural body of water. But one may choose a fusion of modern pool design too – perhaps tiling or submerged walls connected to a regeneration zone.


Due to the two-part structure of a natural swimming pool a large area is needed for construction and often the more natural foliage the more attractive design possibilities.


Whatever the design may be the water will still be naturally clean and the aesthetically beautiful.


Eco Friendly


This particular pool design is most popular for eco-conscious homeowners. They are highly energy efficient providing habitat restoration whilst promoting biodiversity. They create a habitat for aquatic flora and wildlife alike such as dragonflies, pond skippers, which in turn attract birds to bathe in the water.


Natural swimming pools do not require as much water as regular pools, which use roughly 80 million liters of water per year in the UK – simply for refilling purposes alone. A natural pool will only have to be filled once as the regeneration zone tackles the filtering and purification function.


And rather than wasting time and material almost any swimming pool can be converted into a stunning natural pool.


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