Glass trends in Interior design

Glass trends in Interior design

When it comes to designing your home or work space, the initial idea is to create a retreat to relax in but also provide a place to feel productive and the interior design should reflect this. One of the main points that is considered when designing an interior space is lighting and spacial awareness and glass can be an excellent material to highlight this. Glass is often used for different purposes, whether for architecture or decoration due to its simple but sophisticated appearance. It can be used practically for the structure of a place but can be seen as a design feature too. The transparency of glass offers the solution to receive more light, allowing natural light to shine through and brighten up any room that may have a dark and gloomy interior. It could also be a focal decoration from the floors to the furniture of a room.

There are many ways that glass can be incorporated with interior design;

Glass walls can be used to give the illusion that the room is larger and lets in a lot of light for illumination. They can be large scale windows to a partition within a room. With the large scale windows, it can create the emphasis of bringing the outdoors scenery indoors. However the downside of this is that it doesn’t allow much privacy as its transparent and there could be the fear of actually running into it but there are ways to prevent this such as adding colour or frosting to the glass to create a focus but also adding design details.

Glass Floors are an amazing effect to create a dramatic look indoors. They work best under a sky lit roof to allow more light to enter through and can be seen as a decorative feature in a place. It will certainly draw attention to the structure of a building and could transform what might otherwise be a confined space. The glass tends to be relatively thick and toughened in order to support sufficient weight.

Glass staircases can be a show-stopping focal point in a place. It creates an airy and spacious feel and offers a creative solution to maximise natural light to the surroundings. Structural glass staircases are incorporated with toughened glass and can be shaped differently such as spiral staircases to form an interesting and elegant design in the building.

Glass bathrooms can be a questionable trend due to its privacy issues but it can still make a great impact to a room. However, it’s not just the walls of the bathroom that can be a glass feature, there are other areas such as the shower wall panels or glass sink countertops in the bathroom that can still add that open feel to the room and also add that touch of design. The open plan bathroom layout can benefit to make a room seem vast and enhance a modern look.

With all these glass trends in mind, there are endless ways to be creative with interior design. The transparent material becomes a functional focal point and an alternative to other materials to convey a contemporary look.

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